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Back Pain in Petaluma, CA
Whether it's caused by an injury, over exertion, an accident, a degenerative disorder or the natural aging process, back pain can greatly diminish your quality of life. A healthy back is the key to feeling your best and performing all of your daily tasks to the best of your abilities. Dr. George Wagner specializes in the treatment of back pain caused by all types of ailments and injuries. By manipulating and adjusting the spine, chiropractic care can restore the natural spinal curvatures and result in increased flexibility, a greater range of motion and a more comfortable life free of chronic back pain.

Neck Pain in Petaluma, CA
Although your neck is responsible for supporting your head and protecting the spinal cord where it travels to the brain, this part of your body is especially susceptible to injury. Turning your head too sharply, twisting hard, lifting heavy objects, poor posture and accidents can all cause the neck to become pulled or strained. When neck pain is severe, it can make it difficult to move your head, making nearly every daily activity more difficult. Wagner Chiropractic can help alleviate neck pain with adjustments and manipulations. A natural alternative treatment to simply numbing the nerves with painkillers, chiropractic care can restore alignment and greatly reduce discomfort.

Headaches in Petaluma, CA
Headaches are a very common medical problem, and in many cases, are not related to any type of underlying medical condition. Often, head pain is a health problem in its own right and requires treatment beyond simply dulling the pain with medications. Many severe headaches that interfere with daily life develop due to tension in the neck and shoulders, and chiropractic care is clinically proven to make a difference for people with this variety of head pain. Dr. George Wagner can help you to reduce the frequency and severity of headaches through natural adjustments of the neck and spine that are safe and effective.

Sciatica in Petaluma, CA
Sciatica is a very common medical concern that can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. Often times, the problem begins with numbness in one foot or lower leg or the frequent development of a sensation like pins and needles in the foot in a single foot or leg. When the problem becomes more severe, it can cause shooting pain down the back of the affected leg that can make it difficult to walk. The symptoms of sciatica occur due to pressure on the sciatic nerve, often caused by spinal injury. Dr. Wagner uses spinal manipulation techniques to alleviate this pressure and reduce symptoms of sciatica.

Car Accidents in Petaluma, CA
Every minute of the day, a car accident occurs in the United States. Many of these collisions are minor, but they can still have a profound impact upon the body. Back and neck injuries due to whiplash and the impact of collision are incredibly common and can develop immediately after an accident or not produce noticeable symptoms until weeks or months after the crash. Wagner Chiropractic is experienced in treating individuals who have been involved in minor to serious car accidents. After determining the cause of your pain, he/she can use proven chiropractic care techniques to alleviate pain and restore the spine and neck to proper alignment to help you regain mobility.

Sports Injuries in Petaluma, CA
When you're playing sports, an injury usually happens in a matter of seconds, but its effects can last for months or years afterward. Pain and reduced mobility from sports injuries can keep athletes on the sidelines for entire season or even make it unsafe for them to play the game again without proper interventions. Chiropractic care is proven to benefit athletes who are injured and can be beneficial for those who compete in amateur, high school, college and semi-professional competition. Dr. George Wagner will use a balanced approach to alleviate pain and improve range of motion to help you get back to the field or court as quickly and safely as possible.

Allergies in Petaluma, CA
Allergies affect millions of Americans, and if you're among those that suffer from them, you're all too aware of the unpleasant symptoms of sneezing, coughing and watery eyes that they can cause. All types of allergies are caused by immune system dysfunction, and traditional medical interventions involve suppressing the activities of the body that protect it from illness and disease. Chiropractic care for allergies takes a unique approach, helping to take pressure off the nervous system in order to promote a healthier immune system. Wagner Chiropratic has helped many patients get relief from allergy symptoms and can do the same for you, regardless of what triggers your attacks.

Ear Infections in Petaluma, CA
Ear infections are incredibly common childhood ailments, but that doesn't make them any less traumatic for the kids who get them or for their parents. Most often, doctors use antibiotics to treat infections, and while these medications may be temporary in the short-term, most parents are dismayed to find that ear infections continuously return many times per year. Chiropractic care for ear infections focuses on improving the drainage of fluid from the ear through the use of gentle manipulations of the neck and spine and can help to reduce the likelihood of subsequent infections. Dr. George Wagner is experienced in treating both adults and children for ear middle and outer ear infections and can help decrease the pain associated with them.

Asthma in Petaluma, CA
Asthma is a chronic medical condition in which the airways constrict, making breathing difficult. When this happens suddenly, the condition can be life threatening, forcing many asthma sufferers to carry rescue inhalers with them to use for severe attacks. While oral and inhaled medications can help control symptoms, these drugs must typically be used for the duration of an asthmatic's life, and they may become less effective over time. An alternative to traditional medical interventions, chiropractic care for asthma focuses on the nervous system, which is known to play a role in the disease. By making gentle adjustments to the body, Dr. Wagner can reduce the amount of stress on the nerves and lessen asthma symptoms.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Petaluma, CA
Studies show that children can benefit greatly from chiropractic care, but providing treatments to children takes special skills and knowledge. Dr. Wagner is a Pediatric Certified Chiropractor and has undergone extensive training in how best to treat kids of all ages through alternative chiropractic therapies. He/she can assist with many childhood ailments from allergies to asthma to ear infections. In addition, he/she is available to decrease the pain caused by accidents, sports injuries and other trauma to the body. Call Wagner Chiropractic today to schedule a consultation for your child and discover the difference that pediatric chiropractic care can make.

About Dr. George Wagner

Dr. George Wagner was born and raised in Petaluma, within the heart of the Wine Country of Sonoma County, California. Dr. Wagner received his first introduction to chiropractic after suffering a hip and low back injury in his mid 20's. Almost 10 years later, he graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1999.

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