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At the Wagner Health Center, we specialize in Chiropractic care for your whole family. We specialize in short term pain relief and long term health solutions. Call us at (707) 773–2273 for a free consultation.

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Wagner Health Center Office Hours

Monday: 9:30AM – 12:30PM & 2:00PM – 5:30PM

Tuesday: 10:30AM – 2:00Pm

Wednesday: 2:00PM – 6:30PM

Thursday: 9:30AM – 12:30PM & 2:00PM 5:30PM

Call for appointments on Friday and Saturday.

If you need assistance during non-office hours, please call 707-773-CARE (2273).

All non-office hour calls will be answered or will be returned promptly.

Petaluma Chiropractor

Welcome to the Wagner Health Center. My name is Dr. George Wagner D.C and I am a chiropractor in Petaluma, CA. I specialize in alleviating pain and providing chiropractic health solutions. As an experienced and gentle Petaluma Chiropractor, I look forward to helping you and everyone in our wonderful community experience less pain in their daily lives. My goal is to get you feeling better and to relieve you of any discomfort you may be experiencing. Chiropractic care is a great way to restore your health, increase mobility and realign your body. If you are looking for a full-service family chiropractor in Petaluma, please give me a call and schedule an appointment today.


Back Pain Chiropractor Petaluma George Wagner DC

Chiropractic help can relieve this
type of low-back pain while
helping prevent  similar symptoms


Neck Chiropractor Petaluma George Wagner DC

Most people who work at a
computer suffer from neck
and shoulder pain and stiffness


Headaches Chiropractor Petaluma George Wagner DC







Tension headaches are
usually felt at the base
of the neck and feel like a
sharp pain

Call Today (707) 773-2273


Siatica Chiropractor Petaluma George Wagner DC







A condition recognized
by the pain that starts in
the lower back and moves into the
buttocks and lower limbs


Car Accident Injury Chiropractor Petaluma George Wagner DC







Whiplash is an injury
to the neck caused by
the sudden movement of the head
sideways, backward or forwards


Sports Injuries Chiropractor Petaluma George Wagner DC







Knee pain is very common
for people who run and walk

Petaluma Chiropractic Care


Allergies Chiropractor Petaluma George Wagner DC







Allergies affect so many
Americans, and if you happen
to be one of those sufferers,
you’re very aware of the
terrible symptoms


Ear Infections Chiropractor Petaluma George Wagner DC







Ear infections are a very
normal childhood ailment, but
that doesn’t help them  be any
less traumatic for the kids
who get them or for their parents.


Asthma Chiropractor Petaluma George Wagner DC







While oral and inhaled
medications can help control
symptoms, these drugs must
typically be used for the
duration of an asthmatic’s life
and they may become less
effective over time.

We Alleviate Pain


Pediatric Chiropractic George Wagner Chiropractor Petaluma

Children are very dynamic and deal with
many types of falls and blow from daily
living as well as from participating in
sports. Our experts will make sure your
child has the best care they need.


Chirothin Chiropractor Petaluma George Wagner DC







By helping to reduce inflammation
that can cause many of our health
problems, the patient’s on our
program lose weight and make
huge gains in their health.


Orthotdics Chiropractor Petaluma George Wagner DC

Adjusting foot issues with Foot Levelers’
uniquely crafted practical orthotics
lessens distress and improves pelvic
and spinal solidness.

Dr. George Wagner D.C. Chiropractor Petaluma

Dr. George Wagner, D.C.

George Wagner D.C. was born and raised in Petaluma, within the heart of the Wine Country of Sonoma County, California. Dr. Wagner received his first introduction to chiropractic after suffering a hip and low back injury in his mid 20’s. Almost 10 years later, he graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1999.
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    What to Expect

    Upon entering the office you will be greeted and will welcome you as a member of my family.  You are requested to fill out patient forms, which provides us with general information about yourself and your conditions.

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    Meet Our Patients

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    After your consultation, Dr. Wagner D.C. will perform a complete chiropractic examination, as well as other neurologic, orthopedic and postural examinations.  Nothing will be done in our office without your consent.

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    Maps & Directions

    We are located on E. Washington, across from Whole Foods in Petaluma, Ca. DIRECTIONS


We will get you back on the road
to health and happiness.

(707) 773-2273


Jeremiah K.

I injured my back over 20 years ago in the military and then my neck in a motorcycle accident so have been to many chiropractors over the years. Dr. Wagner is top notch. I’ve found that allot of chiropractors just do the same basic set of adjustments every time regardless of what’s wrong with you. Dr. Wagner actually listens, evaluates and only adjusts what and where is needed. I was surprised to see someone comment that they felt he jerked their neck? With my past neck injury Dr. Wagner has adjusted my neck many times and I’ve never felt any rough treatment. He has even adjusted one of my daughters. With a specialty of working with children you obviously know how to be gentle.
I have highly recommended Dr. Wagner to several people and will continue to do so!

Esther H.

Ahhhh…. I’m in love with a married man!!  I went for my first ever visit yesterday evening.  We did the whole consultation/evaluation thing and an adjustment.  I have never been to a chiropractor before… i just woke up last week with unbearable neck/back pain and couldn’t move like i should have been able to.  So i searched around and found Dr. Wagner on here and thought I’d give it a shot.  I think I’m hooked.

Heidi S.

Was having really bad lower back pain called to hopefully get in with him the same day. Was surprised when I called and Dr. Wagner picked up. I first asked if he accepted my insurance and then described my problem area. He instructed me to come in when he opened later that day to see him. I got there and was greeted by Dr. Wagner. After I finished my paperwork I went into his consult room where we went over my problem area and he described to me what he does and how chiropractors can eliminate pain. I was adjusted and it felt amazing. I’m going for a follow up appointment in a couple days. dr. Wagner was patient and funny. Will definitely be back 🙂